PTSA Committees

HCMS PTSA Committee Chairs

Alternate Delegate Position Open
CougarMart Chair Crystal Lett
County Council Delegate Position Open
Hospitality Chair Jenn Terry & Megan Lloyd
Lay Advisory Delegate Kristi Kinsella
Legislative Chair Position Open
Parlimentarian Position Open
School Board Representative Position Open
Spirit Nights Amanda Radogna
Spirit Wear Crystal Lett
Tryuuumph Chair Tara Daly & Nicky Thomas
Volunteers Chair Amanda Radogna
Website Facebook Keith Radogna

Ad Hoc Committees

Cultural Arts (Reflections) Becky Morris
Parent Ambassadors Chair Position Open
8th Grade Activities Chair Crystal Lett


Principal Robbi Moose
Teacher Liason Hope Chapel

PTSA Position Descriptions:

    • Alternate Delegate: Responsible for performing the duties of the County Council Delegate, the Lay Advisory Delegate and the School Board Representative when they are unable to do so. 
    • CougarMart Chairperson: Responsible for the planning, implementation and administration of the HCMS CougarMart (our bookstore).
    • County Council Delegate: Responsible for representing the HCMS PTSA at Henrico County PTA County Council Meetings and reporting proceedings to the executive Board.
    • Cultural Arts Chairperson: Responsible for implementing the National PTA’s Reflections program for Hungary Creek Middle School and communicating regularly with the 1st VP – Programs.
    • Hospitality Chairperson: Responsible for enhancing the relationship between the PTSA and the school staff by providing treats, lunches, dinner and other food related events.
    • Lay Advisory Delegate: Responsible for representing the PTSA at Henrico County Lay Advisory meeting and reporting proceedings to the Executive Board.
    • Legislative Chairperson: Responsible for staying abreast of the National and local PTSA’s legislative agenda and communicating this to the Executive Board and the General Membership.
    • Parliamentarian: Responsible for advising the Board on questions of parliamentary procedure and reviewing and communication the PTSA’s bylaws and standing rules. Serves as Chairperson of the ad hoc members for the upcoming school year.
    • School Board Representative: Responsible for representing the PTSA at Henrico County School Board meetings and reporting proceedings to the Executive Board.
    • Special Projects Chairperson: Responsible for planning, directing and implementation of special evening programs throughout the school year, including but not limited to Jazz on the Lawn.
    • Tryuuumph Chairperson: Responsible for assisting the Principal and faculty in coordinating and delivering the Tryuuumph program to students.
    • Volunteers Chairperson: Responsible for recruiting volunteers and placing them according to school, PTSA and faculty needs. Maintain a database of volunteers according to the preferences and talents they possess.
    • Ways & Means: Spirit Nights: Responsible for planning, implementing and administering a variety of service-oriented programs provided by the PTSA to the school and communicating regularly with the 4th VP – Fundraising.
    • Ways & Means: Spirit Wear: Work closely with the CougarMart (bookstore) to order t-shirts and products for the CougarMart.
    • 8th Grade Activities Chairperson: Responsible for coordinating 8th grade activities, particularly the 8th grade dance.