PTSA Officers

HCMS PTSA Officers

President Amanda Radogna
1st VP – Programs Coming Soon
2nd VP – Membership Coming Soon
3rd VP – Communications Bekah Midkiff
Secretary Coming Soon
Treasurer Keith Radogna

PTSA Position Descriptions:

    • President: Responsible for providing leadership and direction to the PTSA Executive Board. The President is the main representative of the PTSA Executive Board and the PTSA General Membership. Requires 4+ hours a week all year long with increases at the beginning and end of the school year.
    • 1st VP – Programs: Responsible for researching, planning and implementing school programs and assemblies that enhance the educational curriculum of the school through art, literature, dance, music, math, science and social studies activities. Requires 3+ hours a week all year, increasing per program schedule.
    • 2nd VP – Membership: Responsible for recruiting PTSA members and maintaining a membership list to be kept by the Secretary. Requires 3+ hours a week August – November, with more during peak times like Back to School, Cougar Camp and Fee Day.
    • 3rd VP – Communications: Responsible for coordinating, producing, and distributing HCMS PTSA information and upcoming events details; and maintaining two PTA bulletin boards in the school. Requires 1-2 hours a week all year
    • Secretary: Responsible for keeping accurate records of PTSA proceedings, including but not limited to PTSA Executive Board meetings and PTSA General Membership meetings. Requires 1 hour a week all year.
    • Treasurer: Responsible for maintaining financial control within the PTSA. Authorizes custodian of PTSA funds, receives and disburses all funds as prescribed by PTSA bylaws and the Executive Board. Requires 2 hours a week all year, increases at start and end of school year.