PTSA Membership

HCMS PTSAFor just $6, you can join the Hungary Creek Middle School PTSA.

Your PTSA organizes many programs and sponsors many projects throughout the year to benefit our school and to promote and support the education of our children. To get involved, join our PTSA today! We value you and want to hear your ideas, questions, and concerns.  There are many ways to get involved; you don’t have to chair a committee or organize a fundraiser if that’s not your thing.  Please feel free to contact PTSA board members and to attend PTSA board meetings.  We look forward to meeting you!

Ways to join:
Join Online

Some of the things our PTSA provides for our school:

  • PTSA events like Harvest Dance, Student Vs. Staff Basketball Game
  • PTSA Updates via newsletters, Facebook and Twitter.
  • News and updates on HCMS PTSA Website
  • Support of the School’s Tryuuumph Program
  • Fun and informative PTSA Meetings and Programs
  • Support of the HCMS Library MakerHub
  • Support of County Scholarship Programs
  • Sponsorship of Cultural Arts Programs and Contests for our students
  • $75 of Classroom support of our each and every one of our teachers
  • 8th Grade Dance and Crossover Program
  • So. Much. More!

For additional information, contact our Membership chairs: