Support the PTSA

Our PTSA is entirely run by volunteers and your contributions of time and financial resources enable us to provide fantastic educational, social, and community-building opportunities for our students, families, and faculty. We welcome your donations.

Hungary Creek’s PTSA is a member of the National Parent Teacher Association. We pay dues to the Virginia PTA and National PTA, so when you join our PTSA and pay your $6 dues, HCMS PTSA keeps only $2.15. We keep membership fees low, so everyone can join, but we hope that families, students and staff will give generously beyond the $6 when possible. Thank you for your help!

Volunteers are needed to make the HCMS PTSA a success! PTSA-sponsored programs benefit all Hungary Creek students and would not be possible without YOUR support. It takes many hands to coordinate and run these programs, so there is a great need for volunteers in order to support all the PTSA offers. You are welcome to participate in any way that you can. Volunteer opportunities are available for everyone, whether you’re a working parent or have small children at home or a HCMS student!

The HCMS PTSA is funded by your generous donations, as well as community activities like Spirit Nights and School Events. These donations go directly toward teacher grants for classroom supplies, free events like Harvest and 8th Grade Dances, purchasing agendas for each and every student and more. Please consider donating to the Cougar Fund and supporting our fundraising efforts throughout the year.